Dog Training Course Prices 

Our dog training group classes are only £10 per hour. Group sessions are done with 4 owners and dogs a session. The classes run on: Monday, to Friday (9 - 10am)  We also run classes on Saturday morning (10am - 12pm).
Off the leash training is a specific type of training we offer, at £20 per hour. The sessions are on a one to one basis  well be over 2 weeks. 

All training will comprise of 2 sessions over 2 weeks

We are taking bookings now for all classes starting we now open for  business And also be doing puppy training lessons this well be over 2 sessions over 2 weeks in group of 4 puppy and there owners it will be £9 hour  I will be doing dog training behaviour training. The sessions are £9 per session for more information you can call me on 07548051113.that same for all classes. do home visits as consultation which taking a hour for all are training are free 
We also do one to training its £20 a hour. 
Are puppy prices are £9 per session run over weeks. Are offer eash training is £20 per session a run  over 2 weeks. We now doing one one to puppy training lessons it's £9 per hour. 11 months old this can run over 3 days depending on dog training and how works with dog training. Are one to training the must
 Be 1years to two years. 

Dogs are a mans best friend! 

At Best Friends for Life Dog Training School we believe every dog needs the best training available. We take great care during all training with us to offer the best for you and your dog. Therefore we ensure that all people who bring their dogs to our training school will receive the best possible training. 

How to get started

If you've decided it's time to get your dog properly trained, then you can contact us in a number of ways:

- Via our Facebook Page: Best Friends For Life Dog Training School 
- Via email: - Via my mobile: 07548051113 

We are taking bookings now so please get in touch for a consultation.which is free of charge and will and ask for Carl Reed we open Monday to Saturday 9am and 6pm. 

When can I start?

We are taking bookings now for our classes which s
To book your spot please use the contact details above.and we open for business. And give me call on 07548051113  get going today dog training school we welcome all new members that come to dog classes and met new friends. And welcome to dog community you part of something special. That we build together so like welcome all friends for life dog training school and you welcome come to training. 

My journey as a trainer:

"As I grew up I always had a love for dogs. My family is quite large and I was surrounded by dogs from an early age. There were many different breeds and I had a love for them all. I now have my own dog Maisie in my life. She, like many other dogs, has helped me with my depression, she knows when I am ill or upset and never fails to make me feel better. 
I live in a large dog community and have made many friends through walking Maisie because of this (as has she). You can see from our gallery above a number of the different dogs we have met and made friends with.
 It's because of this that I turned my passion into a job. It's also worth noting that I have completed a Diploma in Dog Training (Level 3 CPD) and Veterinary Nursing Diploma (Level 3 CPD)" Off the Leash Dog Training CPD and Dog Behaviour (both Level 5 CPD)

off leash training certificate cpd level 5
dog training diploma cpd level 5
dog behaviour training level 5 cpd